SideKick Extra Large Lemon Absorptive UV Filters

Model: K200L

22,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

Inspired by our popular line of Low Vision Cocoons fitovers, the SideKick UV Filter packs an unparalleled level of protection into the convenience of a flip-up. However, unlike traditional flip-up designs that only filter light approaching from directly ahead, the SideKick features a wrap-around lens design that filters out light that can enter your field of vision from above and the peripheral. Engineered to withstand harsh treatment during daily use, each polycarbonate filter is optically correct, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and extremely durable.

Our Lemon filter maximizes brightness and enhances contrast in low light conditions to improve visual acuity. It transmits 86% of visible light and provides 100% UVA/UVB protection. It also blocks 40% of blue light and all visible light up to 470 nm. The Extra Large SideKick features generous proportions and offers maximum coverage, fitting almost any size of prescription eyewear.

“Got these because I got bigger glasses. I’ve primarily used them inside. Good lenses and good protection, but I like the fitovers a little better.” 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Vernon C., Springfield, MO

SideKick Extra Large Lemon Absorptive UV Filters