Flip-Ups Aviator 58 Polarised Blue Mirror

Model: LF701M

33,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

Aviator flip-ups are designed to fit large eyewear frame shapes. These professional grade flip-ups feature scratch-resistant Polare polarised gray lenses with a metallic blue mirror finish that is ideal for environments with intense glare and strong light levels. The added mirror coat enhances the glare cutting properties of the standard gray lens and increases contrast by absorbing additional levels of blue light.. Provides natural colour definition and transmits 13% of visible light.

Recommended for: Intense light/high glare, ocean fishing, snow sports

Polarised UV400 – Scratch Resistant – Protective Vinyl Pouch Included – Lifetime Warranty

Flip-Ups Aviator 58 Polarised Blue Mirror