Wide Line (ML) Burgundy Polarised Yellow

Model: C429Y

71,95 (incl. VAT/excl. shipping cost)

A royal burgundy Soft Touch finish dramatically contrasts with our bright yellow polarised lens system. With a unique highlighting ability, our true yellow tint is perfect for use in low light conditions such as dawn and dusk. The lively appearance of the burgundy finish is further enhanced with a yellow lens tint that transmits a maximum amount of light at 100% polarizing efficiency. The timeless look of the Wide Line makes it one of the most popular styles as it comfortably accommodates wider prescription glasses.

“Just got my second pair of burgundy Cocoons. My first lasted for a really long time and I loved the colour but they eventually got worn out. Just as happy with this pair!” 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Erin K., Indianapolis, IN

Polarized fitover sunglasses
Wide Line (ML) Burgundy Polarised Yellow