Nahtloser Schutz.
Definitive Eleganz.

Die Vistana-Kollektion geht über das traditionelle Design und die Funktion von Fitover-Brillen hinaus, indem sie das Sichtfeld und die Ästhetik deutlich verbessert. Durch den Wegfall der separaten Seitenschutzblenden bietet Vistana einen schlankeren und moderneren Look, ohne dabei Abstriche bei der bequemen und effektiven Fitover-Funktion zu machen, die Millionen von Brillenträgerinnen und -trägern zu schätzen gelernt haben.

Patented Frame Designs

Vistana are available in five distinct sizes that have been thoughtfully crafted to fit securely and comfortably over most styles of prescription eyewear. While the majority of light reaching your eyes is filtered through our polarized Polaré® lens system, each frame features our time-tested engineering to ensure your eyes are protected from unfiltered light that can enter from above, below, and the peripheral. Such uncompromising protection, however, certainly doesn’t mean the sacrifice of style.

The Vistana collection features a lush, back-sprayed chassis manufactured from lightweight, durable TR-90. Each frame is hand-painted by skilled artisans, resulting in a luxurious fitover sunglass that virtually eliminates eyestrain and fatigue, allowing your eyes to remain relaxed and focused through any activity.

Flex2Fit® Adjustable Temples

Our overwhelmingly popular Flex2Fit adjustable temple system allows you to customize the contour of your Vistana fitovers. This trademark engineering feature creates an exact fit that’s both secure and comfortable during extended wear — all while maintaining the seamless frame design of the Vistana collection.

The pliable outer material of the ear pieces is lined with a wire core that can be quickly and easily shaped to fit any wearer. By manually applying inward pressure, the ear pieces can be contoured to more closely follow the curvature of your head. By bending the ear pieces downwards, the temples can be adjusted to achieve a more snug fit and reduce slipping. If you are experiencing added pressure from the temples, simply reverse this process to widen or straighten the shape of your ear pieces.

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